Some major bills passed the legislature this week. As the legislature winds down, there will be even more important bills to consider.

The legislature passed an approximately $200 million-dollar tax cut. Idaho is the fastest growing state in the union, and our revenues are increasing at a rate that provides more money than is needed. The legislature has saved about $400 million in rainy day funds. The education budget has been set with a 5.9% increase in spending. That equates to an increase of just over $100 million to K-12. Included in that is year 4 of increased spending on the career ladder for our wonderful teachers. With all the state’s needs met, a tax cut was the responsible thing to do.
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Senate passes $200 million tax cut

On Thursday the Senate passed tax cut legislation (HB 463). This bill makes four improvements to Idaho’s tax code:

• Conform the Idaho income tax code to changes made to the Internal Revenue Code that affect the 2018 taxable year. The major provisions include: increasing the standard deduction and eliminating the personal and dependent exemptions. These and most other Internal Revenue Code changes are temporary and will expire or phase-out after [click to continue…]

Newsletter: February 23, 2018

February 23, 2018

Here is an update on several bills, some of which are in my own committees. I hope you find this information useful. If you would like to learn more about these issues, you can go to where you can find committee recordings, copies of bills, and live stream of Senate and House Floor sessions.
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Newsletter: February 19, 2018

February 19, 2018

Idaho Economy
The Idaho economy continues to grow well above all projections. Year-to-date revenue collections grew $240.1 million over original projections, or 11.8% over last year’s revenue. This increase provides Idaho with enough money to fund the statutory commitments to education, health & welfare, and the corrections system by protecting our citizens. Education alone will receive an increase of over $100 million. Funds will go toward salary increases, reading programs from kindergarten through the third grade, and discretionary dollars to pay for health insurance for school district employees.
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Newsletter: February 5, 2018

February 9, 2018

Lawmakers launch push to examine Idaho’s occupational licensing rules
Eye on Boise • 2-5-18 • Betsy Russell

Occupational Licensing Press ConfMore than a dozen GOP lawmakers, including two senators, held a news conference today in the Capitol to announce that they’re forming a “Regulatory Reform Joint Subcommittee” to examine the rules and regulations of state licensing boards and look for ways to streamline them. The panel, to be co-chaired by Rep. Gayann DeMordaunt, R-Eagle, and Sen. Todd Lakey, R-Nampa, will be a subcommittee of the House Business Committee and the Senate Commerce Committee.
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