Strong Common Sense Leadership

September 1, 2012

Lower taxes, less government regulations and fiscal responsibility! These are what I have fought for as your State Senator the last six years. This past March I joined other conservatives in the Idaho Legislature in voting to lower the personal and corporate income tax rate.

Conducting the Senate from the Chair

There are those who would raise your taxes, over-regulate your business and deficit-spend Idaho into bankruptcy, thereby reducing our liberty.

I believe there is much that must be done and that our wonderful community remains in great danger.  Representation of Eastern Idaho has been greatly reduced.  Growth in the Boise area has put our side of the State at a distinct disadvantage, and agricultural issues are being ignored by some “big city” legislators.  Eastern Idaho needs very strong, steady, common sense representation.

My leadership on issues like water, land management (grazing), budgeting and agriculture are critical to Bingham County.

I know I can bring your ideas and my experience to the Idaho Senate and continue making a big difference for our community and our great state.

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